5-15-15: The National Baptist Laymen's Movement will be conducting an Evangelistic Service during the National Congress. The service will be at Martin Luther King Homes, 595 Chene St., Detroit, MI. The service is scheduled for Wednesday, June 24, 2015 at 4:00 pm (Buses will depart from the Crown Plaza Hotel at 3:00 pm).
In preparation for this servce and other evangelistic activities underway, we need some Pastors and Laymen to support the National Laymen in this effort. On May 14 and May 15, 2015, the members of the National Evangelistic Team headed by Rev. Alfred White will be in Detroit to review the site.
On Saturday, May 16, 2015, Rev. Alfred White and Deacon Delester Jefferson will be conducting an Evangelistic Workshop. The workshop will be held at Willow Grove Baptist Chruch, 9780 Quincy St., Detroit MI 48204 from 9:00 am - 12:00 noon. Lunch will be served at no cost.
Rev. Alfred White would like to meet the District's Pastors while he is in town. Please make every effort to attend. For more information contact Mike Washington at 248.670.6212 or Ernest Nichols at 810.423.6166.

The Metropolitan District Laymen come together to:
  • Promote oneness of Baptist Men in the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Promote a spirit of fellowship, service and cooperation among its members
  • Cultivate and transmit the Spirit of Stewardship
  • To serve as a fellowship and training of men in Mission and other areas needed
  • Engage in many Christian activities that will help Baptist men develop our young and senior men into mature Christian manhood
  • Recognize the great need for compassion for our fellowman


We are assisting other organizations with donations to help provide care for those in need. We are looking forward to participating in holiday boxes, supporting Carver Camp, and adopting a school. Check back often for updates and additions to the calendar.

District Laymen Officers:
President Bro. Evans Holman
1st Vice President Bro. Ricky Sears
2nd Vice President Bro. Nathaniel Johnson
3rd Vice President Bro. Kerry Humphries
4th Vice President Bro. Chester Dunbar
Recording Secretary Bro. Josh Mobley
General Secretary Bro. Kelab Oates
Time and Place Bro. Odess Johnson
Junior Laymen Division Officers:
President Bro. Louis Chambers, Jr.
Vice President Bro. Gerald Garlington


Laymen Christian Educational Leaders:
Rev. Floyd Davis
Rev. Ronald Burks, Dean MEDCCE
Nathan Johnson, D.D., 2nd Vice Moderator

Meeting Calendar
Metropolitan District Layman's Monthly Meeting Sites
Macedonia MBC
Rev. Charles Twymon, Pastor

February 15, 2014

1840 Midland Street, Detroit, MI 48238
March 15, 2014
Northwest Unity BC,
8345 Ellsworth, Detroit MI 48238
Rev. Oscar King, lll, Pastor
New Salem MBC
Rev. Kevin Johnson, Pastor

Church of Our Father

Rev. Bernard Byles, Pastor
For a complete listing of District events please visit our Calendar of Events page.

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